Blog August 2023 - Hey, Housing Enthusiasts!

It's membership month, day of service with H4H and membership bbq, 2 actions and housing news

Aug. 3, 2023

August is Member Month at YIMBY Action and this year's theme is service. Santa Cruz YIMBY is offering two events, a build day with Habitat for Humanity and a sustainable barbecue at Ocean View Park.

Non-members who attend either of these events will qualify for a free one-year membership with YIMBY Action, which includes access to our Slack channel that lets you communicate with YIMBYs across the globe. You'll also get the exclusive Level Up t-shirt.

Already a member? Thank you! You can earn a shirt by bringing a friend to the event, referring a friend for paid or volunteer membership, or by donating $100 or more. Reach out if you have questions.

Build Affordable Housing with Habitat for Humanity
Saturday, August 5th @ 8:00 AM

Join us and spend a day volunteering at Habitat for Humanity's Live Oak construction site building affordable housing for our community. 2340 Harper Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95062 (registration required)

H4Hserviceday Agu2023

We had an absolute blast last year and are thrilled to offer this opportunity again. Spots are extremely limited (10 total), so lock yours in!  All those who attend will also qualify for a year of volunteer membership with Santa Cruz YIMBY! This means you'll be able to vote on who we endorse, gain access to our Slack workspace to chat with YIMBYs across the country, and help guide the direction of our group.

Volunteers assist with construction tasks as assigned, according to the progression of the build. No previous construction experience is necessary, however, willingness to follow Habitat’s safety standards and construction practices is a must.

Burgers and Buildings!
Come to our Santa Cruz YIMBY BBQ

Sunday August 13th at noon

2023 BBQ Flyer

Join Santa Cruz YIMBY for a sustainable (solar-powered!) BBQ at Ocean View Park on August 13th starting at noon. We'll be providing the hotdogs, burgers, and fixings, but we ask that you bring a side dish, drinks, or anything you may want to grill! 

In addition to food, we will have a special opportunity to become a volunteer member right at the event, just by sending a letter to Santa Cruz officials. (The topic will be announced at the event.) This is easy, we promise. New members will also get a free t-shirt! This is in addition to the regular benefits of membership, such as members-only training with our wonderful staff and access to our global Slack community. (You can also become a member by donating to YIMBY Action -- just enter your location and we'll know you belong to the Santa Cruz chapter.)

Come meet your fellow pro-housing advocates and join a wonderful and welcoming community, we hope to see you there!

Take Action

Say Yes to Homes at 515 Soquel Ave

On August 17th, the agenda of the City of Santa Cruz Planning Commission plans to include Talbott Apartments at 515 Soquel Ave. What is currently an office building and surface parking lot would become 43 homes with easy access to jobs, transit, and amenities. These new homes and storefront would be a wonderful addition to Santa Cruz's Eastside.  

Us our easy tool to learn more and write to the City of Santa Cruz Planning Commission in support of this mixed-use, infill project.

Tell the Planning Commission YES to Homes at 515 Soquel Ave

Housing Element Updates

There are 4 months left until the December deadline for Santa Cruz Housing Element updates.  Here's where things stand with Housing Elements:

  • Santa Cruz County (uninc): In late July, County submitted a revised draft to CA Housing and Community Development (HCD).  HCD has 90 days for their review.
  • Scotts Valley: In early July, Scotts Valley submitted a revised draft to CA Housing and Community Development (HCD). HCD has 90 days for their review.
  • Capitola: In early July, Capitola submitted a revised draft to CA Housing and Community Development (HCD). HCD has 90 days for their review.
  • Watsonville:  We await the first draft of Watsonville's Housing Element
  • City of Santa Cruz: CA Housing and Community Development (HCD) is currently reviewing the first draft and is expected to send their response to the City on August 8th.

Links to the Housing Element information for all Santa Cruz cities and county are consolidated here.

Write to to learn more about how to be part of giving feedback to citys/county and HCD about Housing Elements!

Housing News