Blog March 2024 - Housing Won!

Election results (so far) - Housing won!

March 15, 2024

The election is over, and votes are still being counted. BUT, with ~650 ballots left in the county, we are feeling GREAT about our local endorsements!

Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors

✅ District 1 - Manu Koenig  RE-ELECTED!
✅ District 2 - Kristen Brown TOP VOTE-GETTER!
✅ District 5 - Monica Martinez TOP VOTE-GETTER!

Santa Cruz City Council

✅ District 1 - Gabriela Trigueiro  ELECTED!
✅ District 2 - Sonja Brunner  RE-ELECTED!
✅ District 3 - Shebreh Kalantari-Johnson RE-ELECTED!
✅ District 5 - Joe Thompson  Too close to call 😮

Local Initiatives

No on Measure M - Housing for People Citizen Initiative  DEFEATED!
Yes on Measures K & L - County & City Local Funding  PASSED!

No on M Victory Party

A huge THANK YOU to all the YIMBYs that wrote letters and op-eds, did tabling and lit drops, and had conversations with friends and family to help defeat Measure M. We did it!  As of now, votes are 61 percent NO, 39 percent YES. 

Let's celebrate on March 26th (5:30-7:00) at Pleasure Pizza Downtown, Santa Cruz. Pizza and beverages provided while they last! RSVP recommended: