Our mission is to bring people together to advance specific solutions to increase the housing supply in Santa Cruz County.

The problem we seek to solve is that Santa Cruz County has not been creating enough new housing units despite our population growing.

To combat this problem most efficiently we are recommending 3 major solutions:

  • Allow appropriate and responsible transit-oriented housing development to get built by allowing buildings to get built with higher heights, greater density, less setbacks and less parking within urbanized areas

  • Expedite the permitting process so housing projects are approved in a timely and predictable manner

  • Reduce excessive and unneeded fees on housing construction

We don’t want to build no matter what

  • We don’t want policies or developments that encroach upon our protected natural environment

  • We don’t want policies or developments that displace existing residents, or lack consideration of social equity

  • We want new housing to efficiently utilize existing and planned transportation and water infrastructure