Founder's Statement - Note From Evan

Santa Cruz County is in the midst of the worst housing crisis it has ever experienced.  Our county is ranked among the least affordable places in the world. Santa Cruz County has gained many more people, but has failed to produce enough housing for everyone.  Our housing crisis is the result of a severe housing shortage that has caused prices and rents to rise to unacceptable levels.

The amount of housing construction has fallen significantly short of where it should be to keep up with increasing population growth.  Between 2007-2014 Santa Cruz County gained 21,678 more people but built only 1,690 housing units. All of Santa Cruz County jurisdictions have repeatedly failed to meet their Regional Housing Needs Allocation targets.

Housing scarcity causes all kinds of problems such as high prices and landlords being able to rent out undesirable units.  If housing were more abundant, people would have more options and more affordable options while landlords would be forced to lower prices and provide better rental terms in order to compete for tenants.

The housing crisis in Santa Cruz County is part of a larger crisis throughout California.  Santa Cruz YIMBY seeks to partner with other YIMBY organizations across the state to make sure every urban area is doing its part to build enough housing for everyone.


These are the people and companies who show up, sign up, and advocate for more housing in our community. Are you one?

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